Five Worst Songs

Mambo number 5 – Lou Bega – All he talks about is his girls. That isn’t even cool. He has the biggest ego ever.

loubega.jpg lou bega image by markgromo

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffet – This song is way over played. yeah it was alright the first time I heard it, but after a while it’s REALLY irritating.

buffet.jpg Jimmy Buffet Myspace image by clarkers92

One Love – Justin Beiber – I mean seriously, he sounds like he’s five. It’s like the jonas brothers gone solo.

60-1.jpg Justin Bieber image by justinbieber09_photos

 Too Sexy – Right Said Fred – All this guy says is “i’m too sexy”. He isn’t even attractive!

im_too_sexy_.jpg Right Said Fred image by robaleche

Can’t touch this – MC Hammer – Alright “you can’t touch this”. Actually yes, you CAN touch that. HE’S BROKE!!!

mc_hammer.jpg Mc Hammer image by sergiut22

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2 thoughts on “Five Worst Songs”

  1. Hey Lindsay!
    I love that you are always so happy! Anyways,thanks for commenting me on my blog! You pretty much just made my day! Half of the songs on your best list, I have never even hearfd of them. I should check them out sometime. Come visit me at my blog! Thanks again! 🙂

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